Sports video analysis is a challenging task. We focus on broadcast soccer videos, and provide a comprehensive dataset, including multi-type annotations--shot analysis, event detection and player tracking. We create these three kinds of annotation from the same collection, and enable researchers to make better use of different types of data when analyzing soccer videos.

    This dataset contains 222 broadcast soccer videos, each 45 minutes length.

    The overview for each annotation type are as follows:

    a) Shot: Shot annotation for each video is provided. There are a total of 71936 shot samples with 2 shot transition types and 5 shot types

    b) Event: Event annotations for each video is provided. Two kinds of soccer event annotations at different granularity are provided. There are 6850 event samples and 6294 story samples.

    c) Player tracking: 80 player tracking sequences designed for broadcast soccer videos are provided.


   You can download all at here or download part of it at Dataset page.

    - Download soccer game videos

    - Shot files(474,286 bytes)

    - Event and Story files(134,112 bytes)

    - Player tracking files(951,626,041 bytes)

Annotation tool

    We developed a tool for sport video annotation. All annotation in this dataset were done using this tool. You can download the tool at this link:

    - Annotation (54,551,511 bytes)

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