We developed a tool for sport video annotation. The tool includes the main functionalities are:

* Six functional modules, each annotation type – shot, event and player tracking -- consists two modules of which: one for annotating videos directly and another for checking. The tool provides an interface for each module.

* Besides playing videos, this tool could fast forward or rewind the video at frame-level.

* Both buttons and shortcut keys can be used to control video playback and annotate video.

* Annotations are output into files automatically according to the specified format.

* In checking modules, annotation files could be imported into the tool and records will be shown one by one as video playing. * And annotator could add, modify or delete each record.

* Seven kinds of event types of ball games, including soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, volleyball and snooker, are built into this tool.

The tool can be download: Annotation,551,211 bytes) 

How to use

Ø Shot annotation & Event annotation

Figures below show the shot and event module interfaces. Each shot annotation consists two modules: the left one for annotating videos directly and right one for checking. For annotating videos, you can open a video which you want to annotate, and control video playback and mark down video information through buttons on the interface or shortcut keys. Then the annotation will be output to files automatically. For checking videos, after opening a video and importing corresponding annotation files, you could check and add, modify or delete each record.

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(a) Shot modules

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(b) Event modules

Ø Player tracking annotation

The input files are images in player tracking modules. Select a frame sequence and then outline the object in each frame. The output file will record the start and end frame number which have been chosen as well as the object’s position. When checking, open a ground-truth file and the tool will import frames according to the content of the file. And the bounding box for object will be shown for each frame. Then you could check and modify the position of the bounding box.

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(c)Player tracking modules

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