Player Label Tool

The Player Label Tool have been developed under C# environment in Windows platform. The tool is able to annotate and check the target object and is available for open source download.

- The top status bar of the tool displays the basic information of the labeling sequence and provide the file operation and image operation for the video file (e.g. open the video file, enlarge the labeling frame).

- The upper left corner is used to display video frames, and the lower part is used to display frame information (e.g. current frame number and the number of total frames).

- The three sets of buttons in the lower-left corner provide fine-grained manipulation of the labeled box (e.g. box position, box size and rotate operation), and each operation can be done using the shortcuts in the keyboard as indicated by the letters in parentheses, which greatly reduces the burden of tedious annotation work.

- The right part of the tool displays the box information including the specific coordinates of GT4 and GT8. The bottom right corner is used to label each frame with 8 different types of attributes. During the annotation process, the files will be generated and saved automatically.

The Player Label Tool can be downloaded in:

- Download


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