The annotated sequences in the BSPT.

-- Contains a total of 120 sequences with 35565 frames. The average frame length is 296.

-- From: 2014/2018 FIFA World Cup, 2015/2019 AFC Asian Cup, 2016 UEFA EURO, and 2016/2017 Premier League

-- Four cases: 1.Occluded by teammate; 2.Occluded by opponet; 3.Occluded by multi-players; 4.Target player disappears

-- Resolution: 720p

-- Shot: far-view shot


Two types of each bounding boxes:

- Ground truth 4 : (x, y, w, h).

-- where x and y refer to the coordinates of the upper left corner of the bounding box, w and h refer to the width and height.

- Ground truth 8 : (x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4).

-- where the xi and yi (i∈[1,2,3,4]) represent the coordinates of the four corners of the bounding box.

Eight attributes:

- For the specific characteristics of soccer games, each frame in the video sequence is labeled with 8 attributes

The Definitions of all attributes
Attribute Full Name Description
Same Team Occlusion
The target player is occluded by a player of the same team
DTO Different Team Occlusion The target player is occluded by a player of the different team
POC Partial Occlusion The target player is partially occluded
FOC Full Occlusion The target player is fully occluded
MB Motion Blur The target region is blurred due to target or camera motion
ROT Rotation The player rotates over 30 degrees in an upright state
DEF Deformation Appearance change of the player in a non-upright state
OV Out-of-View Some portion of the target player leaves the camera field of view
The Distribution of all attributes

You can download all of the sequences and annotation files in:

- Download


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